Update On Missouri’s New Law On Medical Marijuana

The marijuana law in Missouri, like much else in life, is constantly evolving.  Around the country, significant shifts have occurred in recent years with regard to longstanding laws about marijuana possession and prosecutions. In 2018 Missouri legalized the use of medical marijuana for patients with certain medical conditions who get approved by their doctor.

As of the time of writing–June 4, 2019–medical marijuana is not yet available in Missouri.  This is so because Missouri is still putting in place the regulations to enact this legislation.  This is very complicated and requires a significant amount of time; thus the delay in implementing the law.  The latest estimate is that the earliest patients will be able to get legal medical marijuana in Missouri is 2020.  According to Missouri’s Department of Health and Human Services, the following conditions are approved for the use of medical marijuana (as of June 4, 2019):

  1. Cancer;
  2. Epilepsy;
  3. Glaucoma;
  4. Intractable migraines unresponsive to other treatment;
  5. A chronic medical condition that causes severe, persistent pain or persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those associated with multiple sclerosis, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, and Tourette’s syndrome;
  6. Debilitating psychiatric disorders, including, but not limited to, post-traumatic stress disorder, if diagnosed by a state licensed psychiatrist;
  7. Human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome;
  8. A chronic medical condition that is normally treated with a prescription medication that could lead to physical or psychological dependence, when a physician determines that medical use of marijuana could be effective in treating that condition and would serve as a safer alternative to the prescription medication;
  9. Any terminal illness; or
  10. In the professional judgment of a physician, any other chronic, debilitating or other medical condition, including, but not limited to, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, Huntington’s disease, autism, neuropathies, sickle cell anemia, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease, cachexia and wasting syndrome.

It is important to note that Missouri has not taken the broader step like many states to legalize recreational marijuana. Thus, when medical marijuana does become available in Missouri, most of the laws regarding marijuana will still remain in place. Things like driving under the influence of marijuana or unauthorized selling and possessing of marijuana will still be illegal.  Additionally, marijuana still remains illegal under federal law, thus all of the federal laws regarding it will still apply.

The government in Missouri is still working out some of the details of this new law.  Please stay tuned for further updates on medical marijuana in Missouri.

If you find yourself charged with a marijuana crime you should immediately contact a law firm that handles these cases.  If you are in the Kansas City area, feel free to contact us at 913-385-9900 to set up a free consultation in our office to discuss your options.

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