Overland Park Municipal Court Cases, Tickets, And Charges: An Overview By An Attorney

The Overland Park Municipal Court court handles misdemeanor criminal, traffic, and probation violation cases that arise in this city. Some of the typical cases include: driving under the influence (DUI), drug possession, shoplifting or theft, trespassing, minor in possession of alcohol, driving with an expired license or tag, and speeding.

The Overland Park Municipal Court is located at the W. Jack Sanders Justice Center, 12400 Foster, Overland Park KS 66213.  It should be distinguished from the Johnson County District Court located in Olathe, Kansas, which handles many of the same types of cases. If you have been issued a summons or ticket, you should review it carefully to make sure that your case is actually being held in the Overland Park Justice Center.  There are a great number of municipal and county courts in the greater Kansas City area, and confusion frequently arises about which court a case is assigned to.

It is strongly advised that a person have the assistance of legal representation in Overland Park Municipal Court. Issues can arise that affect a person’s legal rights in significant ways, and to proceed without the assistance of counsel is asking for trouble.  It is important to point out that not all courts have the same “personality” or organizational culture.  People with no exposure to, or experience with, Overland Park Municipal Court are often surprised at the severity of the potential punishments along with the formality and rigor with which cases are conducted, in comparison with other municipal courts in the Kansas City area. For this reason, we believe a person should not proceed without legal representation in this court.  

If you get legal representation, Overland Park Municipal Court has a special “attorney docket” where your attorney can confer with the city prosecutor about resolving your case. This is a personalized, thorough, sit-down session, where the details of the case and defenses will be discussed. Additionally, depending on the type of case, an attorney may be able to resolve it without you having to personally appear in court.

Our law firm is located just a few minutes away from Overland Park Municipal Court and our attorneys have handled many hundreds of cases and tickets there over the past 22 years. We have the proven experience in Overland Park Municipal Court to help you with any type of case you may have there.  Please feel free to give us a call at 913-385-9900 to schedule a free consultation. 

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