Don’t Obsess About Credit Scores In Kansas City

One of the things that people get worked up about sometimes is the idea of the “credit report” score.  I think part of this stems from media propaganda that there is some magic scorecard of everyone’s life out there in cyberspace.  In practice, this just isn’t true.  The reality is that people filing for bankruptcy need to do it because they need to fix major financial issues.  The last thing people should be worrying about is a credit score.

Filing a bankruptcy case actually wipes the slate clean, and gives you a fresh start.  It doesn’t put you in the “doghouse” or put you in any worse situation than what you currently have now.  So, it is important to keep the big picture in mind.  The big picture, and the goal, is to get out of the debt problems.  Our clients are able to get loans during a bankruptcy, and after a bankruptcy.

Taking action to solve a problem is always better than doing nothing.  Taking action will make you feel better, empower you, and help you back on the right track.  Doing nothing, and waiting for phone calls, garnishments, and liens to hit is not the right way to go.  Give us a call and we can give you our thoughts on your situation.

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