8 Tips On How To Avoid A Probation Violation Or A Diversion Violation


After you’ve been doing criminal defense work for over 17 years, you start to notice patterns.  You see certain things repeat themselves over and over.  So I wanted to say a few words here about one of the most commonly encountered defense issues.

And that is:  how to avoid getting violated on probation or diversion.

Let’s say you’ve already been placed on probation or diversion.  You want to be successful.  You want to complete it and be done with it.  I get that.

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Probation Violations And Diversion Violations In Kansas And Missouri

Overland Park Defense Attorney

Criminal cases can be resolved in a variety of ways.  If a case does not go to trial, it will be resolved by some sort of plea agreement, or diversion, or suspended imposition of sentence (SIS), or a complete dismissal.  If a diversion or suspended imposition of sentence is granted, a contract is entered into between the defendant and the prosecutor, whereby each party agrees to do certain things.

The terms and conditions of the agreement are made clear to each party.  If the conditions of the diversion or suspended imposition of sentence agreement are alleged to have been violated, the prosecutor can file a motion to revoke the diversion or SIS and bring the defendant back into court to answer the allegations.

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